Dog Training e-Marketplace

Pet market all over the world is a constantly growing sector, with impressive numbers. This is the first and only marketplace dedicated for matching educators, dog trainers, dog owners as well as dog lovers! Loving a dog is not enough, you need to know how to manage and take care of it. Pet turnover, 420 Mln € only in Italy, increased by 17% every year. There are 75 millions of dog owner in EU, 70 millions in USA, and average expenditure for pet per householder is 1000 € per year.

Located in north of Italy, is an innovative startup founded in 2017. Our team working to implement the project from an early stage level.

Our community counts on hundreds of professional dog trainers comes from different experiences. Thanks to their skills, boast numbers of awards and certifications: technicians and dog trainers for search and rescue on rubble, guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs and Pet Therapy.

An estabished and various team, made by computer scientists and digital communication experts, IT engineers, senior software developers, that collaborates with sales managers with forty years of experience in various sectors.

Singles, young couples or families: anyone who owns a dog is responsible for its growth and education. 

This is the FIRST AND ONLY WEBSITE that meets supply and demand. Our business model make available a marketplace, in which dog trainers and dog owners can contact each other, favoring the meeting between supply and demand. profits by percentage of sales of lessons, hourly packages, internships and courses. Dog training has a real million euro market. is the first portal aimed at this market.

Meet the community of directly to the web site, to understand how we work. Sales data can be presented by appointment, don’t hesitate to contact us!


Hundreds of dog owners review their educators, to share their techniques and skills. The higher the score, the more visibility increases!

Specialized in the education and training of dogs
  • Stand out my professional skills, my certificates
  • Receive reservations and guaranteed payments
  • Manage reservations with independence and flexibility
  • Get paid safely for lesson packages, stage and courses
The world of dog competitions spreads into more than 50 sports disciplines
  • Tons of professionals with photo, descriptions, reviews and ratings
  • Purchase services from qualified teachers
  • Clear and tracked information, by chat and by email messages
  • Payments only after confirmation from the trainer
  • Book in one click, with guarantee and possible refund
  • Extend experience by booking other profitable services
Everyone who needs to solve small daily problems
  • Unique experience thanks to the first lesson description that I find in the trainer own page
  • Unlimited support by the DoggyBell Team
  • Payments only after confirmation from the trainer
  • Book in one click, with guarantee and possible refund

We are open for investors interested in turn a worldwide company

We are crazy about the world of dog training. We believe in all our professionals, in their ability to educate and in their courage to stand on our side. Don’t hesitate to contact us! We are available to deepen our market research and present detailed business plan.

PHONE: (+39) 339 57 54 872

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